Month: June 2019

What does a “Successor in interest” mean?

Successor in interest: Your dad left you his house in his will but he also left you his mortgage. What can you do?? Losing a loved one is always difficult emotionally and it can be overwhelming to try to sort out all the practical things that were left behind too. You have to handle funeral […]

What does a “Motion for Summary Judgment” mean for you?

Motions for Summary Judgment: Hearings on Motions for Summary Judgment will never be on television. Imagine that Judge Judy just read from a form document from the bank and then she read some letters from the bank’s employees. Imagine that the homeowners tried to tell her their side of the case but she told them, […]

What is the “Discovery Process”

Discovery: In Florida, parties to lawsuits can ask the opposing party to provide lots of documentation before a trial gets underway. It helps the parties to evaluate all their options for settlement and to prepare for trial. We accomplish this through the “discovery” process, which can be broken down into four main parts: Requests for […]