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Pensacola Criminal Lawyer

Pensacola Bankruptcy Lawyer, Carrie Cromey, Esq.

A personal note from Pensacola Lawyer, Carrie Cromey Esq.:

Have you been thrown into the legal system? Its Latin terms and deadlines and filing fees are intimidating. You may have to fight a bank, an insurance company or even a family member.

You know you must take the next step, but you want to make sure it’s the right step.

My goal is to relieve that stress. You have a busy life. You don’t need more on your table. I’m here for you. I’m here to provide answers about the best way forward so you can get back to living your life.

The language of the court is often old or foreign – Ejectment, Estoppel, Laches. Is a hearing a trial? What if it’s a motion hearing? What does it mean if you have to attend a status conference? Sometimes in hearings, occasionally referred to as meetings, you can bring witnesses other times you cannot because the judge will only look at affidavits. Why the difference?

Deadlines are taken seriously but then nothing may happen for ages. Many worry they’ll get evicted, get stuck with an old co-signer’s debt, lose money or worse yet – not get the money they deserve.

It’s overwhelming and it’s all very real and serious but some things that come up are normal and some a very big deal. But how do you know? What’s a priority? What will the judge do?

Everyone has a good story, and I believe that every situation can be fixed. You deserve to be heard. You deserve justice. Once you know what to expect and we’re all speaking the same legal lingo you’ll feel better. We strive to listen to you so we can meet your needs. We enjoy good stories, dramatic stories, funny stories.

We especially love a good cause we can fight for!

I’ve spent over fifteen years practicing law handling a wide range of issues. You wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve dealt with! I’ve learned a lot over the years. Let’s talk and evaluate your options.

Tell me your story.

-Carrie Cromey, Esq.


Experienced Pensacola Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Pensacola

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Pensacola

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Need a Pensacola Bankruptcy Lawyer? Need Foreclosure or Debt Resolution Help?

"The legal system is complicated and there are so many questions to ask. The insurance companies are going to try to bully you into settling your claim too early for too little. You’re going to receive letters, bills, phone calls – so many it can be overwhelming."
"Fortunately, Cromey Law has been representing clients from all walks of life in courtrooms throughout Florida and Alabama for well over a decade. We can answer your legal questions, explain the steps in the process, take a lot of the pressure off of you, and make sure that you don’t get pushed around or taken advantage of. Consultations are free so make the call. We are here to help."
"As a leading Pensacola Bankruptcy Lawyer, Carrie practices bankruptcy law and our firm is considered a debt relief agency by federal law. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code."


"Respected Legal Staff: Thorough, caring, and actual courtroom experience."

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Respected Legal Staff

Thorough, caring, and actual courtroom experience.

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"“Cromey Law is a law firm that believes in client-centered representation. We are dedicated to what we do and will protect the rights of our clients.”"

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