Anyone can fall down stairs anywhere, no matter how old they are. You may be an extremely naturally cautious person who has utilized that specific set of stairs many times, however, one day you may fall. Any person can fall down a set of stairs and endure severe injuries.

The fall down the steps could potentially have been your fault, perhaps you misplaced a step, miscalculated the steps while you were trying to rush. However, it may be attributed to the property owner if they didn’t deliver or meet sufficient safety standards with the stairs. If you obtain an injury from hurting yourself on stairs, as a result of the stair case not meeting the necessary criteria, the property owner is responsible for any injuries you sustained.

Common Injuries from Falling Down Stairs

A person can gain some incredibly serious injuries from stairs:

  • Brain injury is usual with this sort of fall, and is generally a serious injury because of the descending uncontrolled fall. This can undoubtedly lead to difficulties and occasionally death.
  • Leg injuries are also frequent in stair mishaps. Legs and ankles are frequently what breaks your fall, and therefore accept a lot of the shock of the fall.
  • Bruises are normal if someone falls down the stairs, but sometimes bruises are not always easy to see.
  • Joint dislocations can happen after an impact with hard floor.
  • Broken bones may happen during the fall, because the body falls and bends on its descending movement.
  • Internal bleeding is extremely hazardous because it can go unnoticed if adequate medical care is not established.

Other injuries you can gain from falling down stairs are cuts, sprains, strains, injuries to organs, inflammations, facial scarring and much more.

Negligence and Liability in Stairway Falls

Often times, stairway falls happen because of negligence after property owners drop the ball in their duty to upkeep their property. Rightfully, property owners are required to make sure that their property and whole premises, including stairscases, are safe for any visitors.

This negligence with stairs can happen in the form of insufficient lights, malfunctioning floors, slick stairs, poor hand rails, narrow stairs, damaged stairway carpet or fragile flooring. To carry a legal claim effectively, the victim should be capable of proving that the accident was because of negligence. In that case, property owners be responsible for injuries of the victim.

If you have injuries from a stair case fall, particularly on a public property, contact a slip and fall lawyer straight away. The lawyer will counsel you on the correct action to take and find out if the property owner is responsible for your fall. The lawyer can then help you to get fair compensation for your damages. Don’t forget to get health attention first, because occasionally injuries are internal.


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