Car Accidents

Hiring a Pensacola Car Accident Attorney

You were on the way home from work. The light turns red and you come to a stop. You’re sitting at the light, thinking about what to cook for dinner, and all of sudden you hear the squeal of tires behind you…

Maybe they were texting. Maybe they were messing with the radio. Maybe they just were not paying attention. It doesn’t matter. No matter what excuse they have for not seeing that red light, it does not change the fact that the ambulance showed up. It does not change the fact that you found yourself in the emergency room. It does not change the fact that you have doctor’s appointments, medical bills, pain, and suffering. It does not change the fact that you are now scared every time you are driving your car. It does not change the fact that you missed work because of your injuries and the power bill is still due.

You were not at fault. You did nothing wrong. You are suffering as a result of someone else’s wrongdoing. You are the victim.

Then your phone rings, and their insurance company. What now? You need your car fixed, okay, but why are they asking me all these questions about my injuries? Why are they trying to mail me a check? What should I do?

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Insurance companies do not make money by paying you what you deserve. Instead, they make their money be getting away with paying you less than even they think you are entitled to. Car accident cases are complex.